Rider Alignment and Biomechanics Sessions

As a qualified BHS teaching has always been a passion of mine, as I have move through my career with horses the way our bodies influence our horses way of going has become a huge passion of mine. 

It so frustrating as a rider to keep come up against the same problems, collasping through one side, struggling to keep your lower leg stable or that constant battle to keep your hands soft and still. My Rider alignment sessions have developed to help you over come all of these little issues and make you a stronger and more effective rider. 

Using the EQ Bands in these sessions helps rider to get the feel of where they need to be. The bands help to activate dormant muscles and strengthern your position. The EQ Bands can be used on and off the horse, making them ideal for any level of rider. 

EQ Bands 

Alongside teaching Rider alignment sessions, I am also an EQ Bands stockist and these nifty bands can be purchased directly from myself. Each kit comes with the 2 full body bands, hand band for riding and 2 additional hand bands for work on the ground. Alongside this you have an anchor to allow you to use the larger bands for ground based exercises and a super handy carry bag. 

You will also receive a full guide of exercises that can be done off the horse to help improve your riding. 

With each purchase of a full set of bands you will receive £10 off a Rider alignment session with myself (you must be within my normal working area for this to apply)