Welcome to Lisa Loveridge Equine Sports & Rehabilitation Massage Therapist

I am a fully qualified Equine Sports & Rehabilitation Massage Therapist registered with the IAAMB and fully insured. I am passionate about horses and providing hands on support to help your horse feel their very best. 

Alongside this I am a BHSAI with over 20 years experience in the equine industry. Coupling all this together means I can give you and your horse the very best service. Whether it be a routine maintenance massage, a relaxing massage for your OAP or as part of a rehabilitation programme following injury. I am able and happy to work with vets and other practitioners to help get your horse or pony on the road to recovery.

What is Equine Massage

Equine massage is a hands on therapy that can help locate pain and discomfort and aid in reducing this, Massage therapy has so many benefits and is suitable for all types of horses from shetlands to shires and from competition horses to your retired OAP. Massage therapy can help reduce tension, increase flexibility and range of movement, improve posture, speed up soft tissue healing and minimise scar tissue. It can also help improve their skin condition and coat. 

I offer more than just a massage as your horse is more than just a horse

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A bit more about me 

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