Its Spring Time 

I dont know about you but I have a love hate relationship with spring, I love the fact the weather is getting warmer and the nights are light. But I hate the fact the weather cant make its mind up, one minute we need medium weight rugs then next no rugs and dont get me started on the hair! its everywhere and I spend most of my time looking like a yeti!

Anyway I have put a little guide together with some tips and advice on tackling spring and preparing for the summer ahead. I hope you find it useful just click to download and enjoy the read :)

Spring Horse Care Guide.pdf

A basic guide to stretching 

How many of you have your therapist out and get given some stretches to do, then when you come to do them youve forgotton them or cant remember how many times you need to do them? It happens all the time, we have so many things going through our head that it doenst always sink in.
This is a little guide with 4 simple stretches, these are my core 4, my go to stretches for most horses. They are simple to do but can have an amazing affect on your horse.
I like to do my stretches post ride, once their muscles are nice and warm. I use it as part of of my cool down routine.
Want to know my go to stretches? click the link and download your free stretching guide and start building a new routine with your horse.

Basic stretching guide.pdf