Courtney &  Libby 

I’ve had Lisa come to my TB mare a few times now and I’m so happy with her improvements Lisa’s knowledge around horses anatomy and behaviour is outstanding, I could not recommend anyone else other than Lisa, we have recently took part in the pony Pilates class and it was amazing, I’ve never seen my horse use her brain as much as she did in that session
Carry on what your doing Lisa, your amazing and me and Libbi can’t thank you enough!

Timmy & Jessica 

Lisa was incredible with my boy. She was so patient with him even though he kept wiggling around and trying to step on her. He really enjoyed his massage and hopefully he will be less tense now in his back end. Thank you so much Lisa. Myself and Timmy are looking forward to seeing you again

Ted & Kassie 

Lisa came out to see my fussy thoroughbred Ted today. After seeing him trot up, she could see that he wasn’t using his abdominal muscles to bring his hind end underneath him and was just shuffling along.
Whilst massaging she found his neck to be tense and a few tender spots on his lower back and tightness through his pecks. She was very calm and patient whilst he shuffled around when having his sore spots released but I’ve never seen so many yawns, licks and chews to release she left him looking relaxed and straighter over his back.
The visit was informative, friendly and professional - I will definitely be booking in again to keep him in near perfect condition
Thank you Lisa!

Alicia & Woody 

We won the November competition. When Lisa came out today to see Woody I was really pleased  she was really honest with what needed working in and what was good. Woody was really relaxed around her so it was pleasant to watch her do her work on him

Sophie & Alf 

Lisa came out last week to see my horse and did an amazing job! So much positivity, definitely recommend

Bethanie & Orla

I really couldn’t recommend Lisa anymore, She is AMAZING
My little mare can be a little sensitive and a tad stroppy, but Lisa is always so patient with her and always gets the best releases!
I always feel a big difference once Lisa has been to give Orla her session!
Not only is Lisa great with the horses,she’s also such a lovely person
Get your 4 legged friends booked in!